Local Pickup Shelf Rental

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Tired of running around town delivering local orders? Wish there was a place you could send your customers to for their orders that isn’t your home? Rent a Local Pickup Shelf from Bookworm Pottery & Co.!

What’s Included:

  • Local pickup shelf space in Bookworm Pottery & Co.’s shop
  • Secure pickup during our open hours - all customers will be asked to show their ID before picking up their purchase 
  • Convenient location - we’re in the heart of the Cargo District!

Just drop off your local pickup orders and send them our way! Save your time, gas, and mileage by trading all those trips per month for just one ✨

 Additional Information:

Please make sure to include your business name and the customer’s name on the bag. This ticket is for one month’s rental. Tickets are not prorated or refundable. All pending pickup orders must be removed at the end of the month upon non-renewal.