About the Maker

Lovingly hand-crafted ceramics made in Wilmington, NC.

My name is Ashley Merklinger, and I am a ceramic artist based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. I use throwing and hand building techniques to create functional and brightly colored ceramic works that incorporate ridges, surface designs such as underglaze transfers, and cool-colored layered glazes. I also design cute, miniature sculptures with happy expressions meant to brighten people’s homes.

I create pottery as a way to both nurture my soul and to spread warmth to others. Making pottery is a way I connect to the creator of the universe, as humans mirror clay—we start out as formless matter full of potential, and God works on us and refines us as beautiful vessels.

“Bookworm Pottery” was born from my desire to connect the hundreds of lives I’ve lived through books and other story-telling mediums, as well as my fascination with magical moments in the mundane, to others through my pottery. I intentionally make my work colorful and inviting to remind others that life is beautiful and its magic is endless, and to encourage people to use a piece made with intention in their daily life to remind them to slow down and truly enjoy it. 


Follow along for community, growth, good vibes, and happy pottery!