Meet the Studio Mates!

Meet the Studio Mates in the Bookworm Pottery & Co. studio!

Meet Bookworm Pottery!

“My name is Ashley Merklinger, and I am a ceramic artist based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. I use throwing and hand building techniques to create functional and brightly colored ceramic works meant to brighten people’s homes. I intentionally make my work colorful and inviting to remind others that life is beautiful and its magic is endless, and to encourage people to use a piece made with intention in their daily life to remind them to slow down and truly enjoy it. When I’m not creating, I’m usually reading a new book, having coffee with a good friend, or snuggling my cats.”


Meet Lightbloom Photography!

“My name is Allison Eding, and I run a fine art & natural light photography company based in Wilmington, North Carolina. I launched my business in 2013 after getting my degree in Fine Art and Film Photography and I've been working in the wedding industry since 2010. And yes I am actually one of those weirdos - I absolutely LOVE what I do! I'm a wedding photographer for the wild at heart and the loudly in love. I'm obsessed with laughter and silliness and couples who aren't afraid to be themselves around each other. My favorite thing is to capture you just being your authentic selves. I want your personalities to shine through your photos. My photo style is majorly candid and natural, with a fun and fine art touch.”

To inquire about Allison’s services, connect with her online, or purchase one of her “Dudes and Dogs” calendars, check out the links below:


Photo of Kayla Kinsey

Meet Kayla Kinsey Art!

“My name is Kayla Kinsey and I am a freelance illustrator based out of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. I spend most of my time on anything creative but enjoy sailing, D&D, exploring new art mediums, camping, and trying not to collect too many plants (and failing). Currently, my work consists of Graphic Novels (Ascend Online) and fantasy illustrations and character designs.”

To purchase one of her prints, inquire about custom work, connect online, or sign up for her Patreon, check out the links below!