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Do you have a way to make pottery at home, but don’t have a kiln? Rent kiln firing services from Bookworm Pottery & Co.! Just drop off your bone-dry greenware or glazed bisqueware during our open hours and we’ll add them to our firing schedule.

What’s Included:

  • Regular kiln firings of your pieces for up to 10 standard pieces (following Bookworm Pottery & Co.’s firing schedule; please refer to the additional information below for sizing requirements)
  • Secure pickup during our open hours 
  • Convenient location - we’re in the heart of the Cargo District!

Dates & Location:

  • DATES: The calendar month you purchase, not 30 days from the purchase date
  • LOCATION: 707 S 16th St, Wilmington, NC 28401

 Additional Information

YOU MUST USE CLAY PURCHASED FROM OR APPROVED BY BOOKWORM POTTERY & CO. There are no exceptions to this rule, as I cannot risk other students’ work or my kiln being destroyed from improper clay bodies. We fire to cone 5/6. I’m happy to look over your glazes to make sure they’ll work! Use of improper clay or glazes will result in a $500 fine for damages.

Clay purchased from Bookworm Pottery & Co. is generally $22.50 for 25lbs, or $40 for 50lbs (prices may vary for special clay). Fresh clay is only available for purchase for current students/members or individuals actively using kiln services. Reclaim options are also available in limited quantities.

Please make sure your pieces are signed with your name. This ticket is for one month’s rental. If you need to fire more than 10 pieces in the month, please purchase additional tickets so I know how many pieces to expect. Pieces larger than a standard mug or dinner bowl will be counted as more pieces (ex: one skinny 18” vase might count as 4 of your 10 “pieces” due to the amount of kiln space it would take to fire it).

This is a small studio, so we are not suited for production potters. I cannot expedite firings to suit a specific person's needs, nor can I guarantee all of your pieces will be fired at the same time to remain fair to others using the kiln.

No one aside from the owner is permitted to touch the kiln or load/unload pottery. Please wait until all pots have been removed by the owner and have had time to cool before handling them. Ceramics get VERY hot in the kiln.

Not all pieces are guaranteed to make it out of the kiln. Inconsistencies in thickness can cause cracks or even shattering in the firing process. Improper glazing can cause pieces to stick the the shelf and may have to be broken off. There are many reasons why your piece might not survive that are out of our control. By purchasing this rental option, you are acknowledging and agreeing that Bookworm Pottery & Co. LLC is not liable for lost pieces.

Tickets are not prorated or refundable, and they do not include open studio access or classes. All fired pieces must be removed at the end of the month upon non-renewal.