Monthly Independent Studio Time Membership (FOR CURRENT/PAST WHEEL SERIES STUDENTS ONLY)

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Do you have experience working with clay and our community studio? Are you itching to further explore your pottery journey independently? Then sign up for Independent Studio Time!


  • You must have taken a 3-week, 6-week, OR 8-week series course with us at Bookworm Pottery & Co.
  • Studio time must be scheduled through the scheduling app here.

What’s Included:

  • Studio rental during open independent studio hours (unlimited hours when we're open, but please be respectful and understand that we cannot accommodate side-hustle-amounts of work through the kiln)
  • Regular kiln firings of your pieces to cone 5/6 following Bookworm Pottery & Co.’s firing schedule. I cannot expedite firings to suite individual members’ schedules. Members can have up to 15 pieces fired per month (unless they're tiny, in which case more may be fired--please ask if you need clarification).
  • A shelf to store in-progress work
  • Secure pickup during our open hours 
  • Convenient location - we’re in the heart of the Cargo District!
  • Studio glazes (excluding large wholesale orders to preserve glazes for everyone’s enjoyment; you are welcome and encouraged to use your own glazes as well)
  • Access to clay purchasing from Bookworm Pottery & Co.

Dates & Location:

  • DATES: (unless otherwise noted on the scheduling app) - Memberships are for the calendar month you purchase, NOT 30 days after purchase
  • TIMES: (unless otherwise noted on the scheduling app or elsewhere online - class schedules may impact open hours some days)
    • Mondays: CLOSED
    • Tuesdays: 12pm-6pm
    • Wednesdays: 12pm-6pm
    • Thursdays: 12pm-6pm
    • Fridays: 12pm-6pm
    • Saturdays: 10am-4pm
    • Sundays: 1pm-6pm
  • LOCATION: 707 S 16th St, Wilmington, NC 28401 *PLEASE REFER TO MY PARKING MAP*

 Additional Information:

YOU MUST USE CLAY PURCHASED FROM OR APPROVED BY BOOKWORM POTTERY & CO. There are no exceptions to this rule, as I cannot risk other students’ work or my kiln being destroyed from improper clay bodies. We fire to cone 5/6. I’m happy to look over your clay and glazes to make sure they’ll work! Use of improper clay or glazes will result in a $500 fine for damages.

This ticket is for one month’s rental. Unused studio hours are NOT prorated, so the listing price is non-negotiable even if you do not come in often to help cover community material fees.

Please make sure your pieces are signed with your name. Not all pieces are guaranteed to make it out of the kiln. Inconsistencies in thickness can cause cracks or even shattering in the firing process. Improper glazing can cause pieces to stick the the shelf and may have to be broken off. There are many reasons why your piece might not survive that are out of our control. By purchasing this rental option, you are acknowledging and agreeing that Bookworm Pottery & Co. is not liable for lost pieces.

Tickets are not prorated or refundable, and they do not include classes or instruction. You can absolutely ask me quick questions if you’re stumped, but I cannot sit next to you and teach during this time, as I will be working on other projects. All of your pieces and personal materials must be removed by the end of the month upon non-renewal. Anything left behind will be assumed to be a donation to the studio or disposed of to make room for current members.